Edition Photo

What can I get out of it?

A chance to preview, showcase on trial, and potentially purchase a work shot by three of Europe’s newest, youngest, most up and coming photographic geniuses.

In essence, an insider’s chance to make a very wise art investment at the ground level, before these artists meet the fame that is surely their destiny.  



Why join Edition Photo & Blanchet?

"What a fabulous way to start becoming a collector.  It was so exciting to have 3 pictures at my house for 6 weeks.  I had a few cocktail parties and my friends couldn’t get over how the photos transformed my space.  Now they want to get involved.  I’ve bought one for now and am saving up for the others.  These photos are so different from anything I’ve found in local art galleries and certainly way more affordable.  I recommend this unique collector’s opportunity to all art lovers out there, particularly photography enthusiasts."

Sally Frank, New York


French Morning

Edition Photo & Blanchet in the news

"La porte s’ouvre sur un appartement spacieux, avec cuisine ouverte sur une lumineuse salle à manger, salon coquet et immenses baies vitrées donnant sur SoHo. Cet appartement « chicos », qui appartient à une collectionneuse, est rempli de photographies. Et pour cause...